Tuesday, August 17, 2010


teaser from my photographer! The site for these pics was fun. It was old and broken down.
a barn and an old house with this old doll that Jaden found while exploring. The neighbors kitty came to check out the action and the kids had fun chasing it around. Madison was nice and I love how they turned out! can't wait to see the rest after she gets back from colorado.


This hotel was sooo nice The Royal in Cancun is where we stayed! I would go here every time- it was adults only and all inclusive. Just me and Cody went for a week and his mom had our kids- She is so nice! We needed this vacation!
This is one of our activities at xplor where we went ziplining, four wheeling, underground cave swimming. It was awesome!

chichen itza ruins. Cody bought this stone carving from this kid. It took him 2 weeks of carving. we bought it for $30- I felt bad about that. what if we only made that much in 2 weeks- how do you survive? Anyway there were natives all over the place selling stuff and it was very interesting.

The ruins were amazing! Although I was so darn hot there it made it less amazing in that way! ha ha! But seriously it was awesome...and hot! Nope I am quite the temperature princess. Cody did better and went and took pics of some other ones that we didn't have time to walk over to.

I did buy a jade and sterling necklace with the mayan calendar on it- I have yet to wear it but it is cool.

How does that little kid do this weather behind me? Elton John was coming here to perform this weekend- and no we weren't here for that, but they were setting up this huge production for him.

This was a cenote on the way to the ruins. People were cliff jumping into it. It was gorgeous- we didn't have enough time to get all wet so we just watched. It was so pretty.

Me and my new boyfriend at the xcaret dinner show. I was freezing at this- see what I mean temp princess?!

The food at the hotel was so wonderful. We were trying to speak spanish to the waiters. Cody asked for more Orangho juice and he looked so confused- he said, " I know english". cody said oh did I ask for orange juice? waiter said um no! he he we laughed about that forever!

Our view from our balcony

Inside the lobby of the hotel. This hotel is the nicest I have ever been to. The staff was at your every beck n call! Wow! I felt likt royalty here- Best hotel in Cancun

Our view again. I watched this everyday and it just melts your stresses away!

I was exploring our hotel and even the bathroom was awesome. that walk in shower had a view of the ocean even!

View from the door

That tub was a jetted hot tub and turndown service even filled it up with bath salts and lit the candles "turn down service" was so nice. I thought it would be so easy to do myself (well it would be) but man it was nice to come home to.

Cheese! so happy about this comfy bed! Yea for vacations! I want to go again already!

catch up

Jaden and his cousin Sam batman forever! Jaden gets in his own little world frequently and plays guys! He will cha, ha, make sword sounds and bombs blowing up sounds all the time! These two can play guys more hours! It is so funny!
Jaden and Ashli at salt air before the stinky season. There is a hot air balloon festival there over labor day this year that looks cool. We are going to check it out. And we are going to try floating in it if it seems clean enough just to say we have. ha ha Let ya know how that goes!

Also at the salt flats.

My niece Bryn and me shared our birthday party this year. She's so cute! also my mom and Jaden is in the pic

cody, Terry, Ashli and Jaden at my house

My dad and Ashli.
Ashli has been refering to a sister (and no I am not pregnant and can't ever be again anyway- hysterectomy and all...) who died, She talks about this quite a bit- just an interesting tidbit.
She says funny things like when I ask "ashli have you made your bed? she will say I already did that last year!" lol its last year for everything. "I can do that ever I want!" Also if I start saying "I'm only gonna..." She will start singing "I'm only gonna break break and break break yours heart! I love her songs! Ashli loves coloring and puzzles.

I asked Jaden to go get ready for church and this is what he came back wearing! So cute I wanted to just let him wear it! ha ha. He pretends that saw is a gun. Everything is some kind of a weapon to this kiddo!

Me at home! I like to frame the kids drawings and activities and change them out all the time. I love it. I need to get the frames that open up while hanging on the wall from Pottery barn. They are the bomb!

Monday, October 12, 2009

jessica wedding party

Ashli playing in the fountain! I love this pic
it was dreadfully hot

Jaden and Issac played with the knifes at Market Street Grill. I just gave up and let him...

Bachelorette party

sisters! ohhhh

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ashli is 3!

Tink party! so fun and nice weather!

Isaac loved giving the gifts to Ashli

I loved the silly straws and oh yea I am not good at cakes and such but Ashli loved these...

A family party at my moms- there's Jessica and Bre

Jaden had fun playing badmitton...

Bryn looks fabulous with her princess jewels on huh!?

Grandma and Grandpa Ahlquist came to visit. Ashli is a grandpa girl for sure

Courtney was even here! aww miss her tons!

Jess helped finish up the cupcakes- yummy! It was a fun day!

Monday, June 8, 2009

dad went out of town

This pic came up to the top so I will explain. Cody went out of town for 5 days. I feel for single parents out there! Anyway here he is when he got home, he was WAY jet lagged and was sick for the rest of the day- yuck but still kind of funny to me! He must have rubbed off on Ashli- they are both in the zone!

Things we did when he was gone- the kids painted their own nails while I was on the phone. lucky for me it didn't get anywhere...

swimming lessons have been fun at the fitness center

Ashli can swim laps now! no not really but she kept getting in the pool in her clothes so I just put her in the tiny lessons! Problem solved

Batman and batgirl adventures

Ashli's pretty piggies

so cute little swimmers

went for a walk to throw rocks into buckets- they loved it! And we got eaten by a zillion knats! Evil little things...

So it was a fun day everyday, but we were glad for Cody to come home, especially me when the house is eeriely quiet and creaky...